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Commonplace is a high concept low volume mailing list for cell phones, pagers, and other text-enabled wireless devices. It's a place to send interesting words that strike your fancy, based on the concept of the Commonplace Book. The list is, I mean, not the words. The words can be whatever you want, except I'm the moderator so I get to choose.

I might write more about Commonplace Books later, but for now I want to get this thing off the ground. Here's another little thing about them, in case you want more.

This list is indebted to three people, Jason Kottke and his pocket list, who was the first one to get me thinking that a cell phone mailing list would be fun to have, Susannah Mandel, who, when I was describing what my list would be like, said "Haven't they been doing that for hundreds of years? I think it has a name," and Aaron Mandel (no relation), who corroborated, and that was that.

So... the nitty gritty: Expect less than three messages a week, and individual messages no longer than 150 characters The list is moderated by me, which means no spam and no solicitation. Logocentric is hosted on bantha.org.

Questions, comments and submissions go to me, Lauren Klein.

photos by rebecca lowell